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Isn’t it wonderful when you can reuse items that aid in saving our environment?  Recently, I found a free crocheting pattern on RecycleCindy’s website that allows me to reuse plastic grocery bags.  And so, as one of my projects, during my summer vacation, I crocheted a reusable grocery bag using “The Ultimate Grocery Bag” pattern and plarn.  As an avid knitter, I taught myself to crochet in order to complete the occasional edging on a vest/sweater or to join knitted squares together…however, never attempting to follow a crochet pattern prior to this one, I was quite pleased with the resulting product and, unlike the pattern, my completed bag (after the recommended 30 rounds) measured 14″ wide and 17 1/2″ long.  The color of my bag was created by using plarn which alternated white and brown plastic bag strips.

A note about creating and using plarn:

When creating your plarn, make sure you use plastic bags that are similar in texture and weight.

Once you have completed your plarn, you will have an excess of plastic bag remnants.  These can be recycled.  In our area, a couple of our local grocery stores purposely have recycling bins for these bags and their remnants.  Hopefully your community does too!


*These photos were taken along the Maumee River.*


Comments on: "Recycled" (8)

  1. erica nichole said:

    i LOVE this! what an awesome idea.

  2. Grandma Carolyn said:

    Mary, that is so cool! I like the bits of color throughout.

  3. Your bag turned out wonderful and I really like the color combination you created by alternating the white and brown bag strips. I wanted to thank you for the link back on my plarn pattern. Best wishes and hope you enjoy using your recycled market bag.

  4. lolocreatives said:

    So perfect! Now you know what I’m going to say: Get crackin’ on another for me, lady! 🙂 But seriously, I love it. I love that it’s environmentally friendly, has so many different uses, seems to be quite sturdy. Congrats RecycleCindy for being so creative, and to you for being smart enough to recognize a good pattern when you see one!

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